Welcome to MangoMaven.com, a mango-nirvana for mango fiends and friends.

My mango obsession started in Lima, Peru in 2005.  It was there that I had my first taste of mango and was transfixed.

I grew up in the sticks in Northern California where prunes, almonds, walnuts and peaches flourish – and I had tasted plenty of thoseBut never mangoes.

Ever since that first South American taste of the real-deal kinda mango, I’ve been on my very own mango odyssey to find…

1 ) Fresh mangoes that rival the ones I had in Peru.

2)  Mango products from, well, wherever I could find them!

This site and blog is about both of the above.  If you’re as smitten with mangoes as I am, you’ll love it here.  Make MangoMaven your home-away-from-home!

-The Mango Maven



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