Healthy Snack Idea for Mango Lovers

In this post, my friends, is a totally unexpected mango food find. Here’s how *it* happened.

My husband and I were planning a trip to Yosemite, and I took on the food supply prep job. On my hubby’s list of food needs were Cliff Bars. He was planning a long hike to Clouds Rest from Tenaya Lake and needed some portable fuel. He wanted some fruity options, but I soon discovered the Cliff Bar selection was somewhat limited. (at least where I shopped that day)

But the store did have these (new to me) Kind Bars in seemingly appealing fruity flavors. So in addition to a couple of Cliff Bars, I bought a couple of Kind Bars. One had cranberry and the other one – I can’t remember exactly what it was – fruit and nut something or the other.

The day of the Clouds Rest hike came, and the big breakfast and packed lunch wound up being sufficient fuel for my significant other, the mountain goat. So back down the trail and into my home pantry went the Cliff Bars and the Kind Bars, but not before he snapped a picture of this delightful little marmot on the journey.

Clouds Rest Marmot

I bet this Clouds Rest dwelling marmot woulda liked a Kind bar!!

A couple of weeks later *I* decided to go on a local hike near our house and grabbed the Kind Bars for my own enjoyment and fuel. Now normally, this category of bar leaves something to be desired on either the taste or texture front – and historically I’ve avoided them for exactly those reasons. But these Kind Bars were strangely addictive and tasty – like something I would eat *anytime* not just on a hike out of necessity.

I wondered, are the Kind people really *all that kind?* In other words, do they make a MANGO Kind bar?


Kind Mango Macadamia Bar

Kind Mango Macadamia + Calcium - Yummo!

But would it taste as good as the two I ate on my hike?


And there’s more.  Mango Macadamia is wheat free/gluten free/dairy free, has 3gs of fiber and 20% DV of calcium.  Plus, it’s sweetened with honey and non GMO glucose and contains no trans fats.

Get ’em here folks at a great price – and I don’t think my buddies, the mangoes, would be too miffed if I encouraged you to try a couple of other flavors as well. This company has seriously nailed the tasty + healthy combo.

Oh, and here’s what the folks at Kind say about their bars:

“Most snacks feature a laundry list of questionable ingredients such as chemical additives, high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. These ‘healthy’ snacks are often high in calories and low in nutrition, leaving you feeling hungry and unsatisfied. KIND’s all natural whole nut & fruit bars put an end to hunger by delivering all-natural nutrients like fiber, protein, calcium and iron. ”

Nice eh? Am I trying to convert you, sell you, evangelize you?


Kind gets my healthy snack vote all day long…

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