Holy Haitian Mango, Batman!

Holy Haitian Mango, Batman!

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Look what I found!!  I tell you folks, these babies from Haiti were monstrous!  And not only that, the whole lot of them were beautiful, clean and undamaged. What a TREAT!

Haitian Mango - Francine Mango - Madame Francis Mango

Haitian Mango. Madame Francis Mango. Francine Mango.

In an earlier post, I covered the Ataulfo mango, and I’ll give it to you – the Haitian mango looks an awful lot like an Ataulfo. But it isn’t.

The Haitian mango (also known as the Francine mango or the Madame Francis mango) is – as you can see- a fair degree heftier than its friend, the Ataulfo mango. They do share that wonderful, buttery smooth flesh with the Ataulfos, though, and that is why I’m a huge fan!!!!

The Haitian mangoes have just a six-to-eight week season, so you have to watch carefully for them in late spring. The mangoes I purchased were part of Whole Foods’ Fair Trade program. In the case of Haiti, Whole Foods is the sole buyer of Certified Organic mangoes from small Haitian growers – sometimes buying from individuals or families with just a single tree!

I’m guessing the Haitians were really thrilled to get some solid export dollars for their mangoes – and I for one, was happy to do my part as a consumer.

Hurray for Haitian mangoes!

Oh, and one more thing – when I brought my Haitian mangoes home, they were still greenish – yellow. I let them ripen in my pantry until they were bright yellow with little wrinkles.  Bottom line, never be afraid to bring home a green mango!

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  1. kansonfe

    As a Haitian, I must admit that I truly miss my mangoes. Just thinking about those beautiful, sweet, succulent mangoes make me salivate, nan Bon kreyol, yo fe bouch jwen kouri dlo.

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