Types of Mangos – Get the Scoop on Fresh Mangoes

It’s tough to fathom, BUT I realize that not everyone wants to read through my detailed posts about each mango variety!  So if you want a quick rundown – this post is for you.  I’ve linked to the details so that you can easily find more information, should you want it.

fresh mangoes

Fresh Mangoes

First of all, you should know there are hundreds of different types of mangoes available in different parts of the world, including the lucky ducks in Hawaii and Florida that have an amazing local selection.  But most folks just get to choose from 5 main types of varieties available at varying times throughout the year.  Here’s a quick overview of the 5 main varieties:

1)  Ataulfo mangoes.  AKA manila, champagne, or honey mangoes.  They are small and yellow and VERY tasty.  An excellent choice.

2)  Keitt mangoes.  In California, they are grown in the Coachella valley near the Salton Sea.  They are LARGE, tangy, and wonderful.  They are also GREEN when they are ripe.  I typically see them available in the September/October time frame.  An excellent choice.

3)  Kent mangoes.  Medium to large mangoes that start out green, but end up with a gold or reddish blush on the ends when ripe.  An excellent choice.

4)  Haden mangoes.  Medium to large mangoes that start off green, but end up with a pinkish blush when ripe.  An excellent choice.

5)  Tommy Atkins mangoes.  Medium to large mangoes with a beautiful red blush.  Avoid at all costs.  Can you say stringy and fibrous??

Some folks in the north may feel mango deprived and have trouble finding great mangoes in the grocery store.  If that’s you, no worries.  You can buy mangoes online.

Once you get your mangoes in your hot little hands, DON’T cut them open until they are ripe.  How do you know?  They should be soft to the touch AND have little wrinkles on the skin.  THAT’S a perfectly ripe mango.

So head on out – and try to wrangle yourself up some delicious mangoes.  And send me a note and tell me what you found! BTW, I’ve procured a hot little coupon for my fruit loving friends… Enjoy! :)

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